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David Allen Memorial Ballpark Honors Veterans During JUCO World Series


Opening Ceremony Honors Veterans:

During the NJCAA Division 2 Baseball World Series David Allen Memorial Ballpark found ways to honor veterans during the tournament. It started on Friday, May 26th when the Woodring Wall of Honor held a ceremony at the tournament’s opening ceremony to honor veterans.

The ceremony started with World War 2 veterans Dr. Larry Kiner and Judge Robert Lovell, they passed the torch to Korean War veteran Dewey King on 1st base, who passed the torch to Vietnam veteran Jack Toney. Toney then passed the torch to Lt. Col Christina Hopper who was the 1st black female fighter pilot in American history and is currently stationed at Vance Airforce Base.

Hopper then took the torch to home plate where she was met by two more World War 2 Veterans who survived being shot down and being POWs.

Flag Night Celebrates Veterans

Then on Memorial Day, prior to the 7:00 pm baseball game between South Arkansas and South Eastern Iowa, a large flag was brought onto the field. While the flag was on the field veterans were asked to stand when the theme of their military branch was played.

Finally, a singer from Vance Airforce Base was brought onto the field with her fellow airmen accompanying her as she sang the National Anthem. Unfortunately, her microphone cut out halfway through the performance, and the crowd immediately stepped in and helped her finish the anthem.