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Fundraiser For Dog Who Was Mauled and Has Lost a Leg


Rebel Rescue will be hosting a fundraising luncheon at the ESPCA on May 13th from 11 am to 3 pm at 1116 Overland Trail to help fund some medical expenses for Mellow a dog adopted through the ESPCA. Mellow has been through a lot, after being treated for heartworm and finding a home through the ESPCA Mellow found a home in Tennessee but before he could make it he was mauled at his foster home by a neighbor’s dog.

Mellow then stayed at the ESPCA for another couple of months while he was treated for his injuries. After finally making it to his new home Mellow was doing great until his owner came home one day to find Mellow unable to use his back leg.

It turned out that Mellow had a plate on his back leg that had broken causing the bone to darken. The decision was made to amputate the leg, now Mellow is happy with his new owner on 3 legs. The Executive Director of the ESPCA Vicki Grantz commented on the situation saying “sometimes it’s even a better thing than repairing the leg because there’s always gonna be some discomfort and sometimes arthritis with a bad break”.

Rebel Rescue will be hosting the fundraiser to help offset the medical costs for Mellow’s family who has supported him with his medical care. For 8$ attendees will get a pulled pork sandwich, potato salad, coleslaw, baked beans, chips, and a drink. A bake sale for Mellow will also be held during the event.

Listen to a previous interview with ESPCA Executive Director Vicki Grantz where she talks about Mellow’s Story. (Mellow’s story starts at 5:40 in the interview). You can also listen to the interview on Spotify’s website.