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US Senate upholds Biden veto to protect new limits on heavy truck emissions


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Senate on Wednesday confirmed President Joe Biden’s veto of legislation that would have stopped the Environmental Protection Agency from enforcing new limits on soot and smog emissions from heavy-duty trucks.

A Senate attempt to override Biden’s veto got just 50 votes, far short of the 67 affirmative votes that needed.

The vote allows the EPA to go ahead with plans to impose the regulations, although it still faces legal challenges.

During debate, Republicans argued the new regulation would be expensive for the trucking industry to follow, leading to higher consumer prices in many sectors.

The EPA estimates by 2045, the rule will result in up to 2,900 fewer premature deaths annually, 1.1 million fewer lost school days for children and $29 billion in annual net benefits.

Among the heavy vehicles covered under the regulation are delivery trucks, motor homes, refuse haulers, transit, shuttle and school buses and tractor-trailers.

(Reporting by Richard Cowan and David Shepardson; Editing by Mark Porter and Conor Humphries)

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