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NASA asteroid sample parachutes safely onto Utah desert

By Steve Gorman and Maria Caspani (Reuters) -A NASA space capsule carrying the largest soil sample ever scooped up from the surface of an asteroid streaked through Earth’s atmosphere on Sunday and parachuted into the Utah desert, delivering the celestial specimen to scientists. The gumdrop-shaped capsule,... Read More.

France to pull troops out of Niger following coup

By Sybille de La Hamaide and Richard Lough PARIS (Reuters) – France will pull its soldiers out of Niger following a July coup in the West African country, President Emmanuel Macron said on Sunday, dealing a huge blow to French influence... Read More.

Chile raises alert for Villarrica volcano to amber

(Reuters) – Chile’s National Geology and Mining Service, Sernageomin, on Sunday raised the alert level for the Villarrica volcano from yellow to amber, citing a gradual increase in volcanic activity. One of South America’s most active volcanoes, Villarrica has a... Read More.

Ex-Goldman Sachs trader to lead Greece’s leftist Syriza party

By Renee Maltezou ATHENS (Reuters) -Former Goldman Sachs associate and political novice Stefanos Kasselakis on Sunday was elected leader of Greece’s leftist Syriza party, the country’s main opposition, which is hoping for a comeback after a heavy defeat in a national election. Syriza was catapulted to... Read More.