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Vicki Grantz Talks Upcoming RNR Tire Grand Opening and ESPCA Adoption Event


Vicki Grantz the Executive Director of the ESPCA (Enid’s no-kill animal shelter) spoke about the upcoming adoption event the ESPCA will be holding in conjunction with the RNR Tire Grand Opening.

The adoption event will be at RNR Tire at S. Van Buren on Saturday, April 29th starting at 11 am. Grantz mentioned that the adoption event will feature mostly puppies since the ESPCA has a lot of puppies that are hitting the age they can be put out for adoption. Pictures of the animals up for adoption with the ESPCA can be seen at

During the adoption event, RNR Tire will be giving away free BBQ and free prizes including a brand-new set of tires. KNID will be broadcasting live from 11 am to 1 pm.

Listen to the full interview with Vicki Grantz the Executive Director of the ESPCA below.